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Sleeper Berth

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Woodhouse Sleeper Berth

DOT Compliant

Finally, a low cost DOT Compliant sleeper berth exclusively for 1-ton pickup haulers. The Woodhouse Sleeper Berth eliminates driver's concerns over DOT sleeping requirements and keeps drivers on the road with a better nights sleep.


  • Available for 2003 and newer Ram Quad Cab 1-ton trucks
  • Available for 1999 and newer Ford F350 Crew Cab 1-ton trucks
  • Available for 2007 to 2014 Chevrolet Crew Cab 1-ton trucks
  • Only Sleeper Berth available without modifying the vehicle frame or cab
  • No outside appearance changes
  • Vehicle can be restored back to original configuration and appearance in hours
  • One year component failure replacement warranty
  • The perfect legal solution for the Hot Shot Operator
  • Can be converted into existing vehicle or financed into a New/Used Vehicle Purchase
  • Eliminates costly motel charges
  • Eliminates DOT violations


  • Compliant w/ DOT Regulation 49 CFR 393.76
  • Innerspring Mattress measures 76" x 26" x 6" (DOT requires at least 75"x 24")
  • Restraint system tested and exceeds the required 6,000 lb restraint Pull-Test

Restraint system manufactured exclusively for the Woodhouse Sleeper Berth by Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Inc., an industry leader in cargo harness restraint systems.

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Call or email Jeff Mabry.

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This conversion can be installed in less than one day by our professional staff at the Woodhouse Truck Center, your centrally located 1-ton diesel experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the WSB modify my vehicle's frame in any way?
No modifications are made to your truck's frame or cab. The mattress frame is attached to the existing mounting holes which were used for the removed rear seat of your truck. The rear doors have been modified by adding a specially designed rear door panel. There are no modifications to the exterior appearance of your truck.
What happens if I want to sell my truck, can I convert it back to the original factory configuration?
Yes, to help increase your vehicle resale value, all of the original modifications can be reversed to original factory specifications.
Do I have to remove the front passenger seat out of my truck?
Yes and no, if you are using the WSB for DOT compliance purposes, you need to remove the front seat to comply with DOT regulations. Access to and exit from the berth must not be "unduly" hindered. If you are not subject to DOT regulations, your front seat may remain in your truck.
If I have a second occupant in my vehicle, where do they sit?
The second passenger will comfortably sit on the mattress in the sleeper berth. The factory restraint system remains in the truck. The passenger will also enjoy ample leg room with the removal of the front passenger seat.
Is there a restraint for the second occupant?
Yes, the factory shoulder belt restraint remains in the rear of the truck.
Does the WSB comply with the DOT regulation 393.76?
Yes, the WSB complies with all of the DOT regulations under section 393.76.
Has the WSB received certification from the DOT?
The DOT does not provide certifications on their regulations. They only write and enforce the regulations that they have written. However, WSB has conferred with the DOT in Washington as to the compliance with the various requirements under section 393.76 and they have conferred, based on visual inspection, that the WSB meets all of the sleeper berth requirements (excluding the occupant restraint requirement). In addition, WSB has certified that the restraint system used in the WSB passed and exceeded the required 6,000 pound pull test.
What happens if a DOT officer questions the compliance of the WSB?
You will be provided with a copy of regulation 393.76 along with the measurements to show how the WSB complies with or exceeds all of its requirements. You will also receive a copy of the restraint pull test which documents compliance with the restraint requirement.
Have you tested the restraint system?
Yes, a pull test has been performed at IMMI to certify that the restraint system can withstand over 6,000 pounds of pressure applied toward the front of the vehicle.
How are my rear doors modified and do they still function?
The factory door panel will be removed, along with the rear speaker and window regulator and hardware and will be replaced with a specially designed and manufactured door panel. The rear latch and electric door locks remain functionable. However, the rear window will be stationary.
Where do I get my WSB installed?
The WSB can be professionally installed in Blair Nebraska at the Woodhouse Auto Family.
How long does it take to convert?
The WSB can be professionally installed in less than a day.
Can I order a WSB kit and install it myself?
Yes, the WSB can be ordered for the price of $2,195, plus shipping & handling. Click here to order now
How long does it take to remove the WSB and convert my vehicle back to its original factory configuration?
In less than a day the WSB can be removed and your vehicle can be returned to its original factory configuration.
Is the mattress made of the proper fire retardant material?
Yes, the mattress material meets motor vehicle standard 302 which deals with fire retardant material.
Is the mattress a foam pad?
No, the mattress is a 6 inch, hand crafted, innerspring mattress developed exclusively for the WSB.

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